Retail POS

A retail POS will take care of the small details, such keeping products in stock, alerting you of products that have finished, tracking products lost to wastage, etc.

When a business owner doesn’t have to sweat the small stuff, they can spend time focusing on what’s important. Think of creative sale ideas, put up seasonal offers, arrange for a contest for loyal customers and more! Let the POS take care of the other things.

Specialty Retail POS

A specialty retail POS can allow you to offer your customers multiple ways of payment.

A store that invests in systems that increase customer ease stays in business far longer! Our POS has been specially designed for specialty stores and offers functionality like no other.

Grocery Store POS

A grocery POS can help its owner keep records of customer preferences and individual purchase histories among other things.

With this information, you will be able to serve your customers much better and make sure they keep coming back for more. Faster checkouts and easier methods of payment are the cheery on top!

Resturant POS

If you have yet to replace your ordinary POS with a restaurant POS, then don’t delay it any longer!

Only a POS that specifically designed for your business can help it reach the heights you want. With a good POS at your side, you will be able to anticipate the needs of your staff and customers. No delays or stock-outs in your future with our POS!

<h3>Aldelo POS</h3>
Aldelo POS

Aldelo POS

Doesn’t it frustrate you and your customers when they can’t split a bill between two credit cards at your restaurant? Eliminate the problem by adopting the Aldelo POS today! It aids restaurant owners in customizing menus by adding and removing dishes quickly, tracking inventory, changing prices, and much more.

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<h3>Digital Dining POS</h3>
Digital Dining POS

Digital Dining POS

Digital dining is the way to go. If you have already dipped your toes in this fast-growing stream of business opportunities, you need an efficient Digital dining POS to reach the next level. Such a system will improve the quality of service and keep customers returning for more!

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<h3>Clover POS</h3>
Clover POS

Clover POS

Few POS offer a range of customization as wide as the Clover POS does. If you are in the restaurant business, you need this system on your side, backing your every play. Whether you run a mobile food business or have a brick and mortar restaurant, we have something for you. Choose between Clover Station, Mini, and Mobile, for POS options that cater to your different needs.

<h3>LOC SMS Software</h3>
LOC SMS Software

LOC SMS Software

In the past, restaurant owners dreamt of LOC SMS Software that would integrate all the relevant information in one place. Such a POS would make operations highly efficient, allowing the owner to use the data to make their service even better. Now all that and more is possible with the POS solutions that we offer!

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Bazaar POS

Bazaar Pros have been providing their customers with a diverse range of POS solutions.

Our points of sale systems are designed for specific businesses with special emphasis on catering to their special needs. We offer customized solutions to our customers in diverse fields such as education, grocery, medicine, etc. Bazaar Pros understands that each business is unique, which is why offering the same POS simply won’t do. Our POS solutions come with features specific to the business they have been designed to help.


POS Reports enable you to generate comprehensive inventory and sales report, and track inventory by item type.

Promos & Rewards

Introducing customer loyalty programs and promotional offers for driving more visitors to a retail store & earning more profit.

Architecture & Data

With the data provided by WMS, management can also plan shift rotations to coincide with peak hours and lulls.

Efficient Centralization

Our POS takes care of all the aspects of running a retail business, ranging from point of sale to warehouse.