Aldelo POS

A complete POS solution your restaurant will never outgrow

Any restaurant manager would know that a reliable point of sale (POS) system is the lifeblood of the success for a café, restaurant, or bar. However, since every restaurant has its own unique set of needs and challenges, researching for the right restaurant POS solution can prove to be mind-numbing, and the actual purchase even more difficult.

At Bazaar POS, we provide restaurant owners and managers a wide range of high-performance, feature-rich restaurant POS systems by Aldelo, so that they can choose the one that complements their needs and budget.

Deliver Delightful Dining Experiences to Your Customers

Restaurant management is not just about setting par-levels of different ingredients or tracking work hours.

Instead, it’s about delivering a well-rounded, pleasant experience to your customers, which includes everything from efficient order taking to serving delicious food and offering seamless checkouts. Therefore, Aldelo provides a full-service yet affordable restaurant POS solution that’s packed with all the features you could ask for in a premium-quality point of sale solution.


100% Touch Operated
Visual Floor Management
Hostess Features
Advanced CRM
Cloud Based Back Office
Labor & Scheduling
Inventory Management
Integrated Payments
One Touch Order

By investing in an Aldelo POS system, you can:

  • Turn tables faster by ensuring efficient order taking and food delivery
  • Ensure effective inventory management and avoid stock-outs
  • Accept payments made by cash or card to deliver a hassle-free checkout to customers
  • Move and split checks between multiple cards without any fuss
  • Monitor the performance of your employees and track their sales and tips
  • Update the items on your menu and their prices effortlessly for happy hours and other promotional offers

Manage Your Restaurant Your Way

Restaurants come in so many varieties, with each of them having unique needs to fulfill and challenges to address. Therefore, Aldelo offers three different restaurant point of sale solutions, allowing its customers to select the one that complements their budget and offers them all the features they are looking for.

Aldelo POS

Aldelo is an ideal choice for small- and medium-sized cafés and restaurants that want to streamline their operations, speed up wait times, and increase table turnover.


It is a full-featured restaurant point of sale system that helps high-volume restaurants and bars offer efficient services to customers without compromising on the quality.

Aldelo Touch

Offering the ease to monitor and manage performance on the go, Aldelo Touch is a cloud-based solution that offers the same features as XERA POS but can be accessed anytime, anywhere using a handheld device.

Can’t decide which one of these three is right for your restaurant? Let Bazaar POS help you make the right choice and streamline your daily operations.

We will evaluate your needs, consider your budget, and present a solution that will not only delight your customers but also add value to your bottom line. To discuss your needs with our experts or to request a trial, please call us..