Digital Dining POS

Bring efficiency to every aspect of a customer’s dining and drinking experience, with this easily accessible, integrated handheld management software.

Whether it’s the upscale dining experience at La Jolla or the crowds flocking through Pacific Beach, our Digital Dining POS system provides quick service and simple functionality to satisfy any clientele.

In operation for over 30 years, Digital Dining provides tools that fit every requirement that a restaurant and bar might have. The US food industry is competitive and margins can be tough to eke out. The challenges an average owner faces include: table management, reservation planning, scheduling delivery routes and tracking repeat customer preferences. The Digital Dining POS is dedicated to centralizing all these functions in one suite that can be transferred to any handheld device.

Managing Thoroughfare

This POS streamlines many of the processes that can delay the movement of customers, or create service bottlenecks.

When it comes to payments you can accommodate so many options. Split checks between multiple customers, accept partial, or full payment through credit card even transfer bills between staff members to ensure optimum service. Select the features you need most according to your staffing and we’ll customize your POS to fit.

Prepare all your booking needs in real-time or plan well in advance with our integrated reservation suite. You can look at the waiting list, check out any special requests, cater to the needs of large parties or private events and even keep track of cancellations. The reservations tool synchs up with your customer database to alert you to repeat customers, and provides known preferences so you have everything ready to go before they’re seated.

With the table management software, you can keep track of which parties are at your tables, their size and duration of stay. Keep your staff circulating and make room for new customers, increasing the number of diners you serve on a busy night with ease.


Highly Customizable
Transfer Checks
Mobile POS
Centralized Report
Hold and Fire Items
Round Reorder
Split Items
Integrated Payments
Finger Print ID

Building Customer Loyalty

With the frequent diner and frequent dining tools we provide, you can track returning customers and reward their continued support. With a database that allows for thousands of entries, you can create unique dining plans and rewards levels, while our POS software enters each enrolled customer accordingly. The customizable tools allow you to generate reports for each customer’s preferences and create tailored reward coupons for each one, to ensure a personalized dining experience.

If you’re looking to reach a different segment of your city’s diverse populace, then you can create mailing lists and promotional offers based on specific preferences. If you want to pull in sports fans, why not start a themed Football Night and target younger groups and couples.

Workforce Planning

Our labor scheduling module will allow you to keep track of all the staffing information you need from clock in and clock out times, to availability and customer ratings. This secure system eliminates the possibility

By synching with delivery and reservation schedules the module can allow you to optimize your staffing needs to meet the requirements for busy nights, or less hectic mornings. So you don’t have to suffer another understaffed Saturday night again.

This is just an introduction there’s no end to the utility you can get out of our complete set of Digital Dining POS Software. Control inventory, manage labor, process payments and initiate customer and staffing plans with the click of a button. What more could the enterprising owner of a bar or restaurant need?

To try out the endless possibilities of our Digital Dining POS for yourself, contact Bazaar POS.