LOC SMS Software

LOC Store Management Suite

Establish a more responsive, service-oriented, and accessible retail business

Recovery from a weak economy has created a more empowered, informed, and demanding consumer. Therefore, retail businesses can no longer rely on manual cash registers to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s customers. Instead, they require a full-service store management solution that can enable them to offer more efficient, personalized services to customers and gain an edge over their competitors.

LOC Store Management Suite is one such software that makes owning and managing a retail outlet simpler and more efficient by providing a range of highly functional applications. The software takes care of all the aspects of running a retail business, ranging from point of sale to warehouse, allowing retailers to focus their time and efforts on providing swift, high-quality services to their customers.

Buy Effectively, Sell Profitably, Manage Efficiently

LOC SMS is a comprehensive management solution that includes everything a retail business needs to serve customers. From maintaining a responsive supply chain to introducing customer loyalty programs and promotional offers, the solution helps retailers manage everything with a single interface that is flexible, intuitive, and user-friendly.


Back Office Management
Inventory Control
Mobile POS
Centralized Report
Scale Integration
Kiosk & Price Checker
Purchasing, DSD & Receiving Management
Integrated Payments
Merchandising & Promotions Management

From single to multi-store chain environments, the LOC SMS software offered by Bazaar POS is suitable for retail businesses of all sizes. It’s equipped with a wide range of features that make it easier for retailers to:

Process Transactions in a Swift and Secure Manner

LOC SMS is a PCI-compliant solution that is certified with both PCI DSS and Visa PABP. The store management suite allows businesses to process debit/credit card transactions quickly through a user-friendly, HTML-based touch screen interface.

Make Inventory Management Less Complex

LOC SMS Software optimizes inventory management in a number of ways. It allows you to print product labels individually and in bulk, generate comprehensive inventory and sales report, and track inventory by item type. This, in turn, results in reliable inventory control and helps prevent stock-outs.

Offer More Value to Customers

Promotional offers and loyalty programs are essential for driving more visitors to a retail store and earning more profit. LOC Store Management Suite makes scheduling and management of promotional offers easier by allowing you to provide discounts on various criteria, such as frequency of visits, order value, etc.

Creating a Smarter Store Starts Here

At Bazaar POS, we understand that as the owner or manager of a busy retail business, you have a lot to do on your plate. Therefore, we aim to make store management simpler for you with premium-quality, feature-rich store management suites that promise you exceptional performance and reliability. Our experts not only help you with the right selection of a store management solution, but also provide prompt post-sales support, so that you can spend more time and attention on growing your business.

Whether you are looking to attract more customers with exciting promotional offers or you want to optimize your inventory management process, our LOC SMS software does it all!

To invest in our store management suite or to talk to an expert, please call us.