For Smarter, Faster, and Simpler Bar Management

Running a bar can be difficult — orders need to be served efficiently, inventory should to be tracked with great precision, and checkouts must be seamless and quick. Keeping track of so many things along with drinks being mixed and served on the fly can prove to be a humongous task without the right bar POS system in place.

At Bazaar POS, we have designed a specialized bar POS system keeping the challenges faced by bar managers and owners in mind. It is a feature-rich solution that makes inventory management, recipe control, and till management easier and more efficient than ever. Now, your bartenders and wait staff can spend more time with customers and deliver an experience they won’t soon forget.

Keep Tabs On Your Bar

With your bar serving a large number of customers on a daily basis, manual order taking can become a true hassle for your bartenders and wait staff. Optimize your order taking and tabs management process with our bar POS solution that makes it easier for your bartenders to categorize and manage bar tabs. This also reduces the time between order taking and serving and leads to more satisfied and delightful clientele.

Never Get Caught Out of Stock Again

Tracking and managing liquor inventory is one of the most dreaded tasks associated with bar management. The process is not only long and tedious, it requires great precision as well. BazaarPOS makes the job a bit easier and quicker with the bar POS system that deducts the exact amount of components from your inventory every time you ring up and serve a drink. This way, you can track the exact amount of alcohol poured and restock your inventory at the right time to avoid stock outs.

Deliver What Your Customers Desire

The benefits offered by our bar POS system are not just related to efficient inventory management and recipe control either. Instead, it comes equipped with a number of customer-friendly features that are sure to delight your visitors and turn them into loyal customers. With our bar point of sale system, you can:

Sell More of What Your Customers Love

Get comprehensive sales and inventory data to find out the products that are popular among your customers, optimize par levels, and never run out of stock again!

Offer Happy Hours Discounts

Our bar point of sale system takes the hassle out of scheduling and managing happy hours, so that you can attract more customers, make more sales, and earn more revenue.

Make Payments Painless for Customers

Our bar POS system not only offers support for a variety of payment methods, but also enhances your customers’ satisfaction by offering them the flexibility to split payments between multiple cards.

Tired of spending hours in the storeroom tracking the inventory? Want to get rid of the hassle and headaches associated with split payments?

Bazaar POS offers feature-rich bar POS systems to bar owners who want to optimize inventory management, workforce productivity, and customer satisfaction. To learn more about the features of our restaurant POS system or to request a trial, please contact us.