Pet Store POS

Groom Your Pet Care Business with Our Pet Store POS

With pets becoming more than just convenient company and taking an integral position in the family, pet shops have an increased responsibility to provide more than just food or grooming accessories. A great pet store inventory should also include fun clothing, personalized merchandise, special products for certain breeds, toys, and much more.

With this increased inventory comes the challenge of managing the processes efficiently. And Pet Store POS is the point of sale system designed to be your pet care business’s purr-fect companion.

Manage Your Operations Efficiently

Our single retail management system will help you manage many operations at once. From sales, specialized services, VIP facilities, accounting and inventory management, our highly intuitive POS system will assist you in managing your entire pet shop business with ease.

Our easy-to-use system will also help you save on training time and costs, and your staff (new and existing) will soon be able to implement it.

Unleash the Potential of Your Pet Store Business

There are numerous pet stores in every neighborhood. So what sets you apart?

Our POS will help you to not only speed up the sales and checkout process, you will also be able to view the customer’s buying habits and the store inventory. This will allow your staff to up-sell and cross-sell relevant products and bring in more sales while impressing customers with the gesture.

Breed Customer Loyalty and Rake in Revenues

For any business, happy customers bring in more revenues. Happy customers are loyal customers that never fail to come back to you when they need a product for their pet, and act as brand ambassadors by referring you to other potential customers. With our Pet Store POS, you can:

Track individual visitor activity

With our system, you can track progress of your customers and compile helpful data of when they buy, what they buy, their buying frequency and the triggers that lead them to buying your products.

Segment customers

Use the results from tracking to segment your customers based on their behaviors and guide your marketing campaigns.

Create and manage offers and campaigns

Set up offers on certain products or run discount campaigns with accuracy at the checkout section.

Empower your staff to deliver their best

With a powerful tool to aid their job, your employees will have more time to engage and communicate proactively with customers.

Is your inventory a mess? Are you having a hard time getting fast sales due to being out of stock? Use our Pet Store POS to never miss out on what happens in other departments, keep a track of your inventory, manage it with the finesse of a pro, and keep your customers happy.

Bazaar POS offers an optimal Pet Store POS to take good care of your sales, management and operations. Reach out to us to discuss your needs, learn more about our system, or to request a free trial.